Is This Your Family's Vintage Home Movie?

A family's Christmas Eve celebration in 1965 captured on classic 8mm film.

The holidays always bring with them a sense of nostalgia, a wistful longing for the simpler days of yore.

We found a vintage home movie of an Arcadia family celebrating Christmas Eve 1965. According to the YouTube user who posted the video, the festivities were captured on classic 8 mm film.

In the film, a young family opens presents around a beautifully decorated tree. One of the sweet film's highlights is when the dad, with his receding hairline, opens up a hairbrush and gamely runs it through his thinning hair, as he smiles into the camera.

We tried reaching out to the poster to get more information on the family depicted in the video, but we didn't hear back. Anyways, enjoy this bit of the past.

Do you recognize this family? Tell us in the comments!


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