2 Arcadia Restaurants Shut Down for Health Violations

The Los Angeles County Public Health Department lists health inspection grades for every restaurant in the county on its website.

Los Angeles County Health Department inspectors recently shut down two Arcadia restaurants for serious food safety violations.

Café Select at 618 Michillinda Ave. was closed Dec. 13 for vermin infestation, while Jin Sheng Company at 140 E. Santa Clara Street was closed Dec. 12 for interfering with the duties of health officers, among other infractions.

You can search for more restaurant closures in Los Angeles County at the Health Department's Food Facility Closure List page. You can also find out how any restaurant in the county scored on its most recent safety inspection by visiting the department's Food Facility Ratings page. 

Several restaurants in Arcadia received a C rating during their recent inspections.

An employee at Doe Jon Station at 46 W. Las Tunas neglected to wash his or her hands, resulting in the eatery getting slapped with a C rating. Dumpling House at 921 S. Baldwin Ave., Inaka at 838 S. Baldwin Ave. and Quickly Café at 171 E. Live Oak Ave. also received C ratings—all for failing to properly clean food preparation surfaces. 

For more information on how food facilities are scored and graded, read the Retail Food Inspection Guide attached to this story in the media box.

Betty Romano February 05, 2013 at 04:32 PM
While Asian food is one of my favorites, have you noticed that most health violations are restaurants owned or run by Asians? Seldom see an A rating on one. Very discouraging to say the least. What is it that they feel they can get away with poor hygiene on the job or uncleanliness in their kitchens? I have given up eating at any of them now and just stick to Cheesecake factory when dining out.
Sandra February 06, 2013 at 03:10 AM
Omg, THAT'S why Quickly was closed, I bet. They told me it was to "remodel". Ugh.


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