REI Evacuated Due to Smoke, Electrical Issue Suspected

Power fluctuation reported in immediate area around the store.

Patrons of REI were evacuated after smoke caused by an electrical malfunction filled the store Sunday afternoon.

Officers on scene reported an electrical box may be to blame, according to scanner reports. The cause has not been confirmed as of yet.

Just before 4:30 p.m., Arcadia Police dispatchers reported a power fluctuation and smoke seen near City Hall, although patrolling officers did not locate smoke in that area, according to scanner reports.

A few intersections near the store were flashing red, according to Sergeant Dan Crowther of Arcadia Police.

A 30-second power "flash" was reported in town, according to Southern California Edison representative Lois Pitter Bruce. No outages are reported at this time.

Officials with the Arcadia Fire Department requested Edison crews to examine a possible fire in a power vault. Edison workers are en route, Pitter Bruce said.


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