Don’t Wear Green, Be Green On St. Patrick’s Day

Celebrate the day of the shamrock by getting outdoors and living a greener lifestyle.

What’s green, isn’t found in stores, and the longer it is the more weight you lose? An outdoor hike, of course!

Don’t just wear the color of the shamrock this year; immerse yourself in it with a choice of three family-friendly hikes, handpicked like four-leaf clovers for their scenic greenery. All are easy enough for lasses and lads of all ages to enjoy, and are conveniently local because one doesn’t need to travel far in Arcadia to discover natural beauty.   

The rain may put a damper on a holiday hike, but it will make for a greener St. Patrick’s Day and hopefully, a more colorful one. With a little bit of luck, there may even be a rainbow. If you decide you must go looking for your pot of gold in wet weather, don’t rely on finding four-leaf-clover to keep safe.

Tips for hiking in the rain:

  • Wear rain gear.
  • Bring a rainproof map. (A zip lock bag will do.)
  • Keep an eye out for shamrocks.
  • Wait till after the hike to drink green Guinness.
  • If you see anything that even resembles a leprechaun, don’t try to touch it. In fact, stay far, far away.
  • For a more complete and serious list,  

Whether going on a hike in the local mountains or taking an urban stroll through the city streets, enjoy the vibrant hues of nature while burning off some of those plentiful pints of green beer and corned beef dinners consumed this St. Patty’s Day.   

Located at the Eaton Canyon Nature preserve, this three-mile-hike is a popular one, especially with families. Youngsters can enjoy catching frogs (many children come equipped with nets for this very purpose) and the wide, flat trail is perfect for pushing strollers. After the first mile, the trail narrows and due to some erosion, it becomes a little tricky. Just a half-mile up, however, lies the falls.

Altadena House Walk
A great trek for parents with a stroller, the Altadena house walk tours some of the city’s most noteworthy architecture. The half-mile walk starts at a cul-de-sac on N. Madison Avenue and ends near the intersections of Santa Rosa Avenue and E. Mariposa Street, beginning at the footsteps of the Woodbury House, located on 2606 N. Madison Avenue.

Built in 1882, the structure is said to be one of the oldest homes in Altadena and continues to be used as a shooting location for many videos, films and commercials. View the attached video to see an example of one.

Next stop is Case Study House #20, or the Bass House. The home, located on 2275 N. Santa Rosa Ave., was built in 1958 as part of a project sponsored by Arts & Architecture magazine. Homes in the project were meant to reflect more affordable family dwellings, which used new construction techniques and modern materials. Click here, for a map of other homes in the case study.

Enjoy the 135 cedar trees planted by Altadena’s founders, the Woodbury Family, as you make your way to the final stop. During the holiday season, the trees are lit up with tens of thousands of lights, making Santa Rosa Avenue (or Christmas Tree Lane) one the oldest Christmas tree lighting displays in Southern California.

The final stop on the tour is at the doorstep of the house, which won’t be hard to miss due to the bell shaped curve of it roof. This Queen Anne-style home, reminiscent of old East Coast architecture, belonged to Andrew McNally of Rand McNally publishing fame.

Note: Altadena is home many other historically pieces of architecture. However, not all of them are within walking distance or featured in this post. To learn more about some of the other homes, click here.

Cherry Canyon Park
This 131-acre park located behind Descanso Gardens offers one of the quickest escapes from the urban environment and into nature. Located in the city La Canada Flintridge, the park is filled with a series of well maintained and clearly marked trails, which can range up to four miles in length if interconnected. Flora in the areas ranges from live oaks and sycamores to various other native species that call the north face of the San Rafael hills home.

The main entrance to this trail system is west of the Descanso Gardens parking lot off of Descanso Drive. Highlights of the trail system include steep zigzagging single track paths to open views of Pasadena, Descanso Gardens, La Canada Flintridge and much more. To learn more about the trails in this location, check out a great review by Foothill Flyers Running Club, which is based in Arcadia, by clicking here.


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