The Mystery of Arcadia's Chicago Park

A real estate development scandal and the subdivision that never was.

Ask even the most seasoned Arcadia resident for directions to Chicago Park and you'll probably get a quizzical look.

Come again? Chicago Park? 

Chicago Park is actually another name for Arcadia's light industrial district, which encompasses the area south of Live Oak and east of Peck Road, south to Lower Azusa Road and east to the 605 Freeway.

According to Caminos Historic Publication, the area got its moniker from a fraudulent real estate development scheme connected to a dredging project that was supposed to turn the enclave into a bustling subdivision of Southern Monrovia.

Today, you'll probably only hear Chicago Park referenced over the police scanner. 

Click to read the full story.

Gene Glasco February 28, 2013 at 06:35 PM
"Caminos" is the official newsletter of the Arcadia Historical Society. To learn more about the Arcadia Historical Society and read other editions of the Caminos newsletter, visit www.ArcadiaHistoricalSociety.org


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