Top Blogs on Patch: Meet Robots, a Classic Car Illustrator and More

Don't miss the most popular and talked about blogs on Patch sites this week.

The Local Voices section on Patch is where the community goes to share viewpoints and interesting happenings in the community each day. Check out some of the most interesting and popular blog posts in the Los Angeles County area for the week beginning April 15.

Robots! Robots! Robots!

Did you know National Robotics Week happened earlier this month? Trish Tsoi-A-Sue shared her experiences meeting these interesting pieces of artificial intelligence. Don't miss the polite little robot who attempts to express emotions in several poses. He is irresistibly cute! http://patch.com/B-dm9m

A 5-Minute Drive With Classic Car Illustrator Harold Cleworth

Fireball Tim Lawrence took automotive artist Harold Cleworth for a ride in a snazzy 2013 Cadillac CTS-V. Lawrence interviews Cleworth about his 30-year career painting iconic American cars. His most recent project includes painting one of the country's most unusual vehicles, which he noticed parked in front of his home. Check out the video: http://patch.com/B-dpjY

Is it Time to Privatize City Services?

Henk Frezier blows off some steam after he observed the city of Los Angeles failing to pick up recyclables on both sides of the street in his neighborhood. After getting the run around from several offices, he poses the question: "Is it time to privatize city services?" Chime in on the conversation: http://patch.com/B-dnLf

A Tour of Abby San Encino

 A neat landmark blending Arroyo Seco-style with medieval architecture opens up for tours on Sunday thanks to the Highland Park Heritage Trust. If you're into local history, this would be a great thing to do this weekend. Get the details here: http://patch.com/B-dnpK

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