5 Passover Recipes You Can't Pass Up

April 19-25 is Passover, and for devout Jews, that means no leavened bread. No yeast? No problem. Patch supplies top-notch recipes to satisfy everyone. Follow the links to the recipes.

1. Start things off right with Zesty Lemon Chicken Salad Matzo Hors d'Oeuvres. Served atop matzo crackers, this chunky vegetable and chicken medley is sure to please.

2. No Passover meal would be complete without Charoset, the texture of which is meant to remind eaters of the mortar the Israelites formed into bricks for the Pharoah while they were enslaved so long ago. Follow the link for a variety of Charoset recipes, like Greek charoset, apple charoset, Morrocan charoset, cranberry charoset, and many more.

3. In just 55 minutes, you can create Oma's Fabulous Matzo Ball Soup. Matzo ball soup is a Passover staple. Bite into a scrumptious, floating, unleavened ball and warm yourself up with this steaming dish!

4. For dessert, how about a little "I Can't Believe This is a Passover Cake" cake? Textured and moist, you'll forget it's Passover when you bite into this yellow deliciousness. Top it off with fresh fruit or chocolate orange mousse, which brings me to my next recipe.

5. Passover Chocolate Orange Mousse is a decadent treat to enjoy alongside your cake. Chocolate bursts of flavor with hints of orange, yum! Though it's no-yeast, it's not no-calorie. Pace yourself, because it weighs in at a whopping 389 calories per serving (not counting the cake underneath). 

To find all the ingredients you'll need for your passover meals, click here for a list of grocery stores in Arcadia.


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