Altadena Serious Crime Increases 10 Percent in One Year

The percentage of overall violent crime in Altadena since last year decreased while all types of serious property crimes increased, Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department data shows.

Crime statistics for areas patrolled by the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department have been released and show Altadena’s 2012 year-to-date (through Oct. 31) Part I crime has decreased 8.7 percent over the past five years, but increased 10.4 percent since last year.

Part I crime includes violent crimes against people such as criminal homicide, forcible rape, robbery and aggravated assault as well as serious property crimes like burglary, larceny theft, grand theft auto and arson. Overall, 649 incidents of these crimes have been reported in Altadena this year through Oct. 31.

County wide, data showed a 3.10 percent increase in reported incidents of violent crime and a 4.11 percent increase in reported incidents of serious property crimes.

Homicides, rapes and aggravated assaults are counted by the number of victims and all other crimes are counted by incidents.

Violent Crime in Altadena

Violent crime in Altadena overall decreased 6.9 percent since last year during the same time period and has decreased 45.9 percent compared to five years ago.

The greatest increase in violent crime since last year was criminal homicide, which increased 95.7 percent, but the high percentage is due to the fact that one criminal homicide was reported in 2011 and two have been reported so far this year.

Forcible rape also increased, from six incidents to seven, which is a rise of 16.9 percent.

Robbery and aggravated assault both decreased.

Property Crime in Altadena

Overall serious property crime increased by 14 percent and all forms of it also increased with the exception of arson, which remained stagnant at four reported incidents.

Grand theft auto showed the largest percentage increase since last year, rising 15.4 percent, though the property crime with the largest rise in actual incidents was larceny theft, which had 316 occurrences this year—40 more than in 2011.

Altadena’s crime stats for year-to-date (YTD) 2012 (through Oct. 31) are in the attached table. Crime rate is per 10,000 population.

See crime statistics for all LASD patrolled areas here.

What do you think of these Altadena crime statistics? Were they better or worse than you expected? Share your thoughts in the comments.

Ivan G November 12, 2012 at 04:45 PM
With so many criminals being released from prison, an increase in crime rates is to be expected.


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