Arcadia Man, Four Others Arrested in Pot Bust on 4/20

Burbank police raid three locations where marijuana is found, including one in Arcadia.

Burbank Police arrested five people Wednesday for allegedly growing and selling marijuana.

The five arrested---Levon Ayrapetov, 31, of Arcadia; Akop Petrosyan, 30, of Glendale; Victor Yepiskoposyan 29, of Glendale; Jane Israyelian, 21, of Los Angeles; and Bianca Bauza, 24, of North Hollywood--were booked at Glendale City Jail for transportation of marijuana for sale and cultivation of marijuana.

According to a statement released by Sergeant Robert Quesada of the Burbank Police Department, detectives conducted searches at locations in Burbank, Arcadia and Glendale. Three marijuana cultivation operations were discovered as a result of these searches and a significant number of marijuana plants, several pounds of harvested marijuana and four guns were also seized in the investigation, Sgt. Quesada said.

The bust occurred on April 20, or 4/20, which is a notorious counterculture holiday that celebrates marijuana use.

Arcadia police were not involved in the investigation and Burbank police did not release details of the location in Arcadia that was searched.

R Terry April 22, 2011 at 04:57 PM
Like alchol use, gambling or prostitution, people are going to do it regardless and the best you can do is control it. A stoner sitting on his couch watching TV and eating munchies is a lot less dangerous than a obnoxious drunk swerving down the road half blind to what is going on.
SandraT April 22, 2011 at 05:07 PM
I don't smoke pot, and can't stand the smell, but wasting tax dollars on this is absurd, IMO. It's the drinkers I worry about, both on the road and in public in general, making, at best, a nuisance of themselves and, at worst, killing someone, intentionally or not. Damn....there are way too many commas in that run-on sentence.


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