Burglars Steal More Than $200,000 Worth of Goods From Nordstrom

File photo.
File photo.
From City News Service

Police are continuing their investigation today into a burglary that netted merchandise valued at hundreds of thousands of dollars from a Nordstrom department store at a Santa Anita shopping mall.
The burglary occurred at 4 a.m. Tuesday, and it appeared the suspects were inside the store for about seven minutes, Arcadia Police Department Sgt. Brian Ortiz said.
Ortiz said the three suspects broke a window and then jewelry cases before making off with what Nordstrom officials estimated was $200,000 in jewelry and $30,000 in purses.
The only alarm activated was on an emergency exit door as the suspects left the store, on the 400 block of South Baldwin Avenue, Ortiz said.
It was unusual that no alarm had been activated by the broken window or jewelry cases, he said.
Police had been told there were employees inside the store at the time, and this may have led to some internal alarms being de-activated, according to Ortiz.
He said police had images of the suspects, taken from surveillance cameras, but could not establish positive identifications.


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