Fire Blotter: Injury Motorcycle Collision

The Arcadia Fire Department also dealt with a residential fire.

The Arcadia Fire Department responded to a variety of emergency calls during the week of Sept. 23-29. The following is a breakdown of incident types recorded for this time period:

Fires: 2 Explosion: 1
EMS/Rescues: 57
Hazardous Materials: 2
Public Service Assistance: 5
Good Intent Calls: 11
False Alarms: 9
Total Incident Count: 87

Power Outage

At 4:29 p.m. on Sept. 23, Engine 105 responded to a fire alarm in the 00 block of East Huntington Drive. While enroute, Engine 105 was diverted to the 200 block of North Santa Anita Avenue for reported smoke inside a structure.
Fire crews investigated and discovered a power outage stemming from an power surge that overheated the  electrical and phone lines, which began to to smoke. As the area began to re-energize, there was a small explosion inside an electrical vault, displacing the lid and emitting smoke from inside the vault. The area of the vault was secured and Southern California Edison was requested to the location.

Motorcycle Collision With Injuries

At 7:28 a.m. on Sept. 24, Engine 105 and Rescue Ambulance 105 responded to a traffic collision involving a vehicle and a motorcycle at the intersection of South Santa Anita Avenue and Fano Street. Fire personnel evaluated a patient suffering from moderate to severe injuries. The patient received advanced life support at the scene, including: full spinal immobilization, wound care, oxygen therapy, 12-lead cardiac monitoring and drug therapy for pain management. The patient was transported to Huntington Memorial Hospital for further evaluation and treatment.

Medical Assist: Abdominal Pain

At 1:18 p.m. on Sept. 25, Engine 105 and Rescue Ambulance 105 responded to a medical assist in the 100 block of Santa Ynez Drive. Fire crews evaluated a woman suffering from abdominal pain. Paramedics administered advance life support measures at the scene, including: cardiac monitoring, blood glucose testing, intravenous access and drug therapy. The patient was transported to Arcadia Methodist Hospital for further treatment and evaluation.

Residential Fire

At 7:14 p.m. on Sept. 26, Engine 105, Engine 106, Engine 107, Truck 105, Rescue Ambulance 105, Battalion 105, along with units from the Monrovia and Los Angeles County Fire Departments, responded to a reported appliance fire in the 800 Block of Arcadia Avenue. Upon arrival, fire personnel were informed by the occupant that he had extinguished a fire on his stovetop. However, the fire had extended into the walls and cabinets of the kitchen. Engine 105 and Truck 105 personnel remained on scene for overhaul and smoke removal. Firefighters also checked for fire extension with a thermal imaging camera.


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