Hungry Bear Keeps Police Busy Saturday

Police followed a lumbering bear through an Arcadia neighborhood early Saturday.

A bear was in search of a midnight snack Saturday and kept Arcadia officers busy as it searched for food.

Officers were alerted about the bear at 12:43 a.m. in the 1200 block of North Valencia Avenue. According to scanner reports, the bear was sitting on someone's front porch. Police kept watch on the creature as it walked about from residence to residence.

"There were just basically up there looking for it. They were just trying to shoo it back up into the hills," said Sergeant Dan Crowther of

A police helicopter helped officers locate the bear as it climbed fences into more backyards and the bear was knocking over trashcans.

Officers ended their search for the bear once it reportedly entered the Whispering Pines Estates in the city of Monrovia, Crowther said. Police stopped searching around 2:23 a.m.

genevieve August 11, 2012 at 08:00 PM
I would volunteer to collect leftovers from all the local restaurants, even scraps from patron's plates and dump them in large garbage cans. Where would you dump them? I suppose anywhere in the foothills. If it is done even twice a week would this be a bad idea???
Gayle M. Montgomery August 11, 2012 at 08:10 PM
If it could be done, it cannot be done so frequently that they become dependent upon it and forget how to forage. It also couldn't be a hodge podge of just any food but rather foods they would normally eat that would keep them healthy. While eating out of garbage cans I am sure is not healthy for them, there would be the question of transfer of diseases. Thank you, Genevieve. I am sure the rangers would have to be involved if something coukd be done. Gleaners coukd harvest avocados on neighborhood trees that are going to waste and an inducement to bears, and maybe they could be left, but what are the consequences. I want to see them helped but not harmed by helping.
JanT August 12, 2012 at 03:51 PM
Yes, I'd like a more humane way, too, but like Gayle says, careful that they don't become dependent on us. They are still wild and can be very destructive to humans! There was one walking the cliff behind my house in Sierra Madre, on Friday about noon. They're becoming quite bold. We just need to be very careful and aware!!! One idea I saw posted... freeze any edible trash and don't put it out until the morning of your trash pickup. Good idea? Pass it along to your neighbors.
Ellen Zunino August 12, 2012 at 09:27 PM
There aren't many naive hungry bears wandering down into the foothill communities from the high country in search of food. The bears we see are bears that know from past experience that there's a supply of food in and around our homes. A decade ago a former neighbor regularly put out "leftovers" so she could take pictures of the bears. Our neighborhood became infested with them. They'd come walking through our yards at all times of the day and night. They terrified new residents (sadistic fun for us "old timers") and made trash-day morning a gamble. Once a neighborhood controls the availability of food/garbage, bear sightings drop off. Bears are expert food-finders and rarely starve - even in the ANF. Anne - Multiple residents have reported kitchen break-ins. I know what you mean about open windows. There's nothing like laying in bed at night and hearing a bear scuffing and snuffling at a window. At least, I hope it's a bear I'm hearing:-)
Gayle M. Montgomery August 13, 2012 at 01:05 AM
Ellen, I can remember my daughter hollering on more than one occasion when she was a little girl and we lived in Alhambra, and there was a possum staring at her through the window screen. I can only imagine how much more terrified we would all be if it were bears.


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