Arcadia Speaks: Election Talk at the Polls

Patch chats politics with Arcadia voters.

Arcadia voters casting their ballots talk with Patch about why and how they voted, as well as the issues close to their hearts.

Mo Gair

"It's an important election because, one, the Supreme Court, and two, I'm on Medicare and Social Security. I voted for Obama before and I very strongly agree with him. I think Obama has a better character [than Mitt Romney]. I'd like to see prosperity return."

Carole Buckles

"I'm voting because I'm a Republican. I went to Bush's inauguration and am very active in the Republican Party here in Arcadia."

Sally Steele on Proposition 30, the education tax touted by Gov. Jerry Brown

"Prop. 30 was misstated. That's why I'm not voting for it. The money is going to the general fund and anybody could pull it out for anything. If it was just going to schools, I probably would have voted for it."

Henry Gelfand, Obama supporter

"Presidential elections are paramount. I've voted in every election since 1972, and my mother worked the polls. I've always felt very strongly about America and served in the Navy."


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