City Council: RV Storage Regulations Back on Agenda

The Arcadia City Council will hold a study session on parking regulations for RVs in residential zones.

The City Council will once again consider regulating RV parking and storage in residential neighborhoods. A study session on the issue is set for 5:30 p.m. on Tuesday, Nov. 20.

At the Sept. 4 meeting, Council members could not agree on key aspects of a proposed ordinance that would have banned Arcadia residents from parking RVs, which includes boats, motorcycles and buses, within public view on any property zoned for residential use.

The Council opted instead to scrape the ordinance altogether and start from scratch.

At tonight's study session, the Council will discuss these main points:

  • Whether the city needs RV storage regulations at all.
  • Should the city regulate RVs by type or size?
  • How many vehicles (of any type) should residents be allowed to park within public view?
  • Should the city allow RV owners to house guests in their RVs? If so, when and for how long?
  • How should the city enforce regulations — through a permit system or more informal neighbor complaint system?
  • What is the definition of commercial vehicle and should they be exempted or included in an RV parking regulation ordinance? 

The meeting takes place in the City Council chambers at 240 W. Huntington Drive.

Craig Bushey November 21, 2012 at 03:12 PM
This really is a joke. Who will enforce this? The same code enforcement that "enforces" dead lawns? Peeling paint? Trash cans left out for a week?


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