City Releases Debris Removal Plan

Residents will be responsible for cleaning up their own property.

Adapted from a City of Arcadia Press Release

The next phase of windstorm cleanup has began. Streets will be systematically cleared by City and contract crews with one team starting in the south part of town and one in the north, working toward the middle.

Crews will work from right-of-way to right-of-way for 12 hours a day. 
Once your street has been cleared, any additional debris is the property owner’s responsibility; the City will no longer remove debris from the right-of-way.  
Please be aware that property owners are responsible for the removal and proper disposal of their debris and greenwaste. 

Below are some options to assist you with the removal:  

Residential Trash Collection Service

Waste Management (WM) will conduct normal trash service to collect trash, recyclables, and greenwaste carts.  Carts should be placed in, or as close as possible to, their usual location or where carts can be accessed by WM vehicles.  Please contact WM at (800) 266-7551 for a “missed” pick-up.   

Bulky Item Pick-up

Residential customers receive four free bulky item pick-ups per year. Residents must contact WM at (800) 266-7551 to schedule a bulky item collection. Place your bulky items (those that do not fit in your regular trash or greenwaste carts) at your curb on the night prior to your collection day. Bulky items include landscape debris (leaves, grass clippings, etc.) of no more than six regular trash bags. Wood, tree limbs and branches must be bundled no more than 4 inches in length and weigh no more than 50 pounds. Bulky items are collected by a
separate truck.  

WM “Bagster”

Waste Management is offering one “Bagster” bag to all residential customers free of charge (retail value $30). The Bagster holds up to 3300 pounds. There is a $132.60 disposal fee.  

Additional Bins

Residents requiring additional bins to remove windstorm debris should contact one of the City’s three permitted haulers:
• Waste Management - (800) 266-7551
• Consolidated Disposal Service - (800) 299-4898
• Valley Vista Services - (800) 442-6454

Please make sure the bins are placed in such a way that they are not a right-of-way hazard. Until further notice the City will not require a permit for these bins.

Residential Greenwaste Drop-off Sites

Arcadia residents wanting to dispose of greenwaste such as trees, branches, limbs, shrubs and other landscape debris can take their materials to the following sites through December 19 from 8 am to 4 pm:
• Arcadia Public Library – 20 West Duarte Road
• Orange Grove Water Facility – 67 West Orange Grove Avenue, next to Fire Station 107

Proof of residency or an Arcadia Business License must be shown. No other trash or household items will be accepted.  

Gardening Restrictions

Restrictions such as no work Sunday for gardeners, leaf blowers, tree trimmers, etc. will not be enforced until further notice. Noise complaints about exceptionally loud equipment will be investigated as necessary. 


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