Homeowners Association Resolution Inches Forward

A resolution being considered by the council would unify design practices amongst Arcadia's five HOA's.

The inched closer towards adopting a resolution that would consolidate the separate resolutions governing the design review processes for the city's five homeowners' associations.

The council decided to go forward and put the proposed resolution—likely with some modifications—to a vote sometime in the coming months.

Each homeowners' association has its own resolution regulating architectural design and other standards. This makes for a lack of consistency among the different associations, often creating confusion for the associations' architectural review boards and even developers.

The proposed resolution would address this and other issues.

Other Business

In other business, the Council reconsidered a request from the Luong family to change their address.

The , which contains the number 44, because the the number "four" sounds like the Mandarin word for "death," scaring away potential buyers. Daniel Luong said his family had to put the house on the market for $300,000 less than the value of the identical house owned by their neighbors.

The council had previously denied the Luong's request to remove the "fours" in their address, but will vote again on the issue at the Oct. 4 meeting.


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