County Offers Aid With Debris Removal

Arcadia will temporarily store debris from the Nov. 30 windstorm at several county-operated flood maintenance facilities.

Adapted from a Los Angeles County Public Works Department press release.

The Los Angeles County Public Works Department has teamed up with the cities of and Pasadena to safely and efficiently remove trees and debris from local public roadways. The DPW has designated several county-operated flood maintenance facilities as storage sites for these cities to temporarily stockpile tree and other debris. 

The plan of action for roadway clearance is: 

  • Remove trees, branches and debris from roadways to open them for traffic and clear them of debris that could clog catch basins and storm drains during rain storms.
  • Use chippers and other equipment on-site to reduce the volume of debris.
  • Remove the debris piles from the temporary storage sites and return county flood maintenance facilities to their previous condition.  

The flood maintenance facilities being used as temporary debris storage sites are: 

  • West Ravine Sediment Placement Site at Chaney Trail and Alzada Drive in Altadena.
  • Lincoln Sediment Placement Site at Loma Alta Drive, west of Sunset Ridge.
  • Eaton Sediment Placement Site on New York Drive at the intersection of Eaton Canyon Drive and Kinneloa Canyon Road.
  • Hastings Sediment Placement Site.
  • Sierra Madre Villa Sediment Placement Site.
  • Eaton Spreading Grounds at Washington and Sierra Madre boulevards. 
  • Santa Anita Sediment Placement Site in Arcadia

How long will material be stored at these facilities?
Emergency use of County facilities as storage sites is expected to last approximately three months. The debris stored on the sites will be reduced to mulch. A large grinding machine will be rotated through each site.

What is the final destination of this material?
City and county officials will attempt to find alternative uses for the mulch, including giving it to residents. Leftover mulch be taken to local landfills for possible use as ground cover. 

Will the material be gone by next fire season?

What are the current hours of operation?

The Public Works Department hours of operation are Mondays through Saturdays during daylight hours.

Alan K. Chan December 13, 2011 at 08:38 PM
Is the city picking up debris on sidewalks or is it the homeowner's responsibility to remove the debri from the sidewalk in front of their property and bring it to these facilities?


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