Gold Line Project from Pasadena to Azusa 50 Percent Complete

Monrovia Highlight; Photo Credit: Metro Gold Line Foothill Extension Construction Authority
Monrovia Highlight; Photo Credit: Metro Gold Line Foothill Extension Construction Authority
The following update is provided by the Metro Gold Line Foothill Extension Construction Authority.

Significant progress continues along the 11.5-mile corridor, as the Pasadena to Azusa project nears 50 percent completion.

Most bridge structures and at-grade crossings have been completed or are nearing completion, and light rail track will soon be laid along the corridor. Work is underway at four of the six stations, and in mid-November the third (and final) concrete pour for the Duarte Station platforms took place.

The Operations Campus is also moving along on schedule. Light rail track is being installed, and nearly all of the OCS (overhead catenary system) pole foundations for the future system to power the trains are now ready. Below are some highlights of recent construction:

Operations Campus Highlights:

The car cleaning platform is now poured and the forms removed.

Track ties and rails are set on several storage tracks, and initial and flood ballast is being placed.

Arcadia Highlight: Santa Anita Ave Bridge abutments supports are complete and ready for the girders to be set in early 2014

Monrovia Highlight:
  The Santa Anita Wash bridge was completed in October. Here, girders are being set.

Duarte Highlight:  Here, the first of three completed concrete pours for the Duarte station platforms.

Irwindale Highlight:
The 700-ft San Gabriel River Bridge structure was completed in time for the start of the official rainy season; an Army Corp of Engineers requirement.

Downtown Azusa Highlight: Track panels are being installed across San Gabriel Ave, one of only two unfinished at-grade crossings to be completed in the city of Azusa.

Azusa-Citrus Highlight:
  Concrete girders were set onto the light rail bridge abutments in November, completing the two Citrus Ave light rail bridge structures.

Azusa to Montclair Update:

Following environmental clearance earlier this year when a locally preferred alternative was selected, the Construction Authority has now officially kicked off the next phase of work for the Foothill Extension from Azusa to Montclair! Over the next two years, we will work to advance the project's design/engineering to a point where it will be ready for a design-build procurement. We will also re-engage the previously selected station artists, so they can oversee the material and color choices for their station, as well as advance the artwork design.

On November 20, a pre-proposal conference was held at the Arcadia City Hall for interested consultants to learn about how they can get involved in advancing the design for the 12.3-mile project. More than 80 representatives from more than 70 local consulting firms were in attendance to listen and ask questions about the procurement process, scope of work and timetable. The Construction Authority intends to issue the Request for Proposals in early January 2014.



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