Peck Road Improvement Plan Well Underway

The Peck Road Water Conservation Park refurbishment project is slated for completion in May.

Construction crews have begun work on refurbishing Peck Road Water Conservation Park.

In September, the Los County Board of Supervisors appropriated $200,000 for general improvements at the park, which include renovating the restroom building, and replacing damaged picnic tables and fire pits, along with upgrades upgrades to landscaping, walkways and trails.

Last month, crews began the task of removing the existing pavement at the park's entrance and main driveway. Though the project has gone relatively smoothly so far, construction workers encountered a minor hiccup when they discovered a large area they thought was paved with asphalt was actually paved with 3 inches of asphalt over 8-12 inches of solid concrete, officials said. 

"We are hopeful that we will start paving work early next year and then the pathways in the park," Los Angeles Parks and Recreation Special Assistant Kay Michelson said. "The restroom building renovation is scheduled to start next spring."  

Tell us: Do you Frequent Peck Road Park and think it needs an upgrade?

The project is slated for completion in May 2013, and paid for with a grant from the Los Angeles County Safe Neighborhood Parks Proposition of 1996, otherwise known as Proposition A. 

Peck Road Park is part of the Emerald Necklace Park Network, a vision for a 17 mile loop of parks and greenways connecting 10 cities and nearly 500,000 residents along the Río Hondo and San Gabriel Rivers.  The network is a greenbelt that connects multiple communities, and has a bike path connecting to the Emerald Necklace Trail.

Doug C January 31, 2013 at 07:06 PM
Fantastic news! This is already a beautiful park, but with a little work could be a major destination. Also of paramount importance is connecting the Park's bike path to the San Gabriel River bike path (using the existing equestrian path?), which would complete the Emerald Necklace and create a wonderful bicycle loop for commuters, families and anyone wanting to avoid city streets.


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