Where Do I Vote in Arcadia?

Don't forget to vote! Find your poll location and ballot summary in Arcadia.

Misplaced your sample ballot and don't know where to go to vote on Election Day? If so, you can use the handy Google Voter Info embed above to find the location of your designated polling place. Simply enter the address where you're registered to vote.

For details and articles about every candidate in Arcadia, check out Patch's Election Guide here.

Also check out the poll locator on the Los Angeles County Clerk's Website at http://lavote.net/locator/.

Lynne November 07, 2012 at 09:05 AM
When I arrived tonboteni went to the only table visible from the direction which I came from. I waited in line and ten was told there was another table on the other side isbthe voting polls. I had to wait in another line that was longer. It sucks. There were other people sitting on the ends and I am sure that they saw people were bin the wrong line. They didnt wen just make an announcement to make sure you were on the right side. I likes it better at the community center or arboretum. I really liked I better in our neighborhood. I know they are hoping people will shop while they are there or something. I think a few mod us felt the same way. Ther person behind me even asked they just told her to wait in line.
Lynne November 07, 2012 at 09:07 AM
When I arrived to the mall I went to the table (sorry using my phone had some typo)


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