Road Safety Modifications for Arcadia Neighborhood

East California Boulevard was re-striped and realigned.

A recent resurfacing project eliminated on-street parking and realigned the road in a neighborhood along East California Boulevard.

But that led to motorists speeding through the area.

Neighbors complained to Supervisor Michael Antonovich, who ordered workers to re-stripe and realign East California Boulevard between Rosemead and Michillinda.

This apparently eliminated the speeding and reduced-parking problems. In the attached photo, Antonovich poses with some neighborhood residents.

Was there a parking and speeding problem on California Boulevard? What are the most dangerous streets or intersections in Arcadia?

Raub Mathias November 21, 2012 at 09:18 PM
The County needs to create a left-turn lane at the westbound intersection of Michillinda Ave. and E. California Blvd. Currently a car turning left there can really back up traffic and is a hazard. A smaller "pocket" turn lane would probably result in no trees from the center island needing to be being removed. Supervisor Antonovich, are you listening?


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