RV Storage Amendment Tabled

The City Council will hold a study session on the issue in October or November.

Arcadia residents can park their RVs within public view — for now. The City Council voted Tuesday to table the issue and revisit it in a study session likely to take place in the coming months.

"It's about creating a lifestyle we're all pleased with," council member Gary Kovacic said.

At the , more than 30 residents spoke out in protest of a proposed amendment to city code that would have banned Arcadia residents from parking RVs (which included boats, motorcycles and buses) within public view on any property zoned for residential use.

The public outcry prompted the council to volley the proposed amendment back to city staff for revision. This resulted in a more relaxed proposal that would allow residents to keep one RV within public view, but only if their home does not have an adequate rear or side storage space. Also, the city would no longer consider motorcycles RVs.

However, the new proposal would make it illegal to block one's own garage or driveway with an RV. Roughly half the 30 or so RV owners attending the meeting said their RV blocked their garages because they had no place else on the property to park the vehicle.

The whole issue "is much ado about nothing," RV owner James Glass said, noting the council only received a handful of written complaints about RV storage.

Glass also said he felt the city had not studied the issue thoroughly enough before drafting the amendement. Staff hadn't even taken a count of how many RVs are stored within public view in the city.

The City Council ultimately agreed it needed more time to study the issue in order to draft an amendment that would be fair to both RV owners and their neighbors. A study session will likely take place in October or November.



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