Baton Twirler Transfers to Monrovia High School

Kelsey Miller is now a majorette for the Wildcats.

Remember Kelsey Miller? The student who took to for the Apache band?

It seems she has transferred to .

In a Facebook post announcing her decision to transfer to Monrovia High, Kelsey thanked her supporters, and said she feels "grateful" for the opportunity to twirl for the Wildcats.

"Not only do I get to twirl," she wrote, "but I get to do it with 3 other girls...I will continue to work hard and bring attention to the sport of baton twirling in hopes that others won't have to have the same experience I did!"

Here's a quick recap for those unfamiliar with Kelsey's situation:

Kelsey, who began twirling baton at age 4 and has a number of regional and state titles under her belt, wanted to become the AHS band's first majorette in more than 20 years.

But AHS Band Director Kevin Sherrill told her she could only join the color guard as a flag girl, though he did promise her some opportunities to twirl outside of band competitions.

However, the demanding color guard rehearsal and competition schedule meant Kelsey would have to give up baton twirling lessons. Also, in her third year, Kelsey would be promoted to First Flag, and, as such, would no longer have the opportunity to twirl even in non-competitive exhibitions.

So, Kelsey started a Facebook page titled "AHS Needs Kelsey Miller to be Their Twirler," which has received 363 "likes" at last count.

Though the social media push wasn't enough to sway Sherrill, the Wildcats have welcomed Kelsey with open arms. The school's Booster Club has a photo of Kelsey in a Wildcats uniform on its Facebook page. The caption reads, "Welcome Kelsey Miller new MHS Twirler!"

Kelsey's mom, Shana Miller, declined to comment for this article.

In any case, we wish Kelsey the best of luck at MHS!


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