Citizen of the Year: Sho Tay Shows the Way

Arcadia resident defines the meaning of the chamber of commerce's special honor.

Many of you know Sho Tay and many others are no doubt familiar with his name as a candidate for City Council last year and a couple of times prior to that.

Sho is one of those rare people who is always smiling and happy and always very anxious to offer to help you in whatever way he can. His wife, Sherry, is the same way. Even more impressive is that his son, Sonny, has the same super-generous personality. It’s impressive because many young men of Sonny’s age are not that outgoing with older adults, and more consumed with their own interests. Many times while setting up community functions I have seen Sonny jump in and either ask how he can help or, even better, see what needs to be done and just start doing it.

It speaks volumes about the parents when you see such behavior in their children.

Sho is being honored by the on March 31 as Citizen of the Year. He spent several years as a Chamber officer and was next in line to be President of the board when he had to resign to run for City Council.

But he has been President or the head of several other local volunteer community groups, including the , the Arcadia Masons and Masonic Center and now the Boy Scouts.

He has also served on the boards of the and is currently on the boards of the Foundation, the and Arcadia’s Best Foundation.

Citizen of the Year Award? Why not just call it the Sho Tay Award.

Read more by Scott Hettrick at ArcadiasBest.com.


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